~ OMNIAE ENSEMBLE avant-gard jazz [+ info]

~ O solo drums and electronics [+ info]

~ IN IGMA contemporary / avant-gard septet music  [+ info]

in igma

~ SYMPH electroacoustic piano trio [+ info]

~ THE RITE OF TRIO jazz jambacore [+ info]

~ CATACOMBE Post-Rock / Post-Metal [+ info]

~ PRETO MATE improvised chamber music [+ info]

~ CONUNDRUM SESSIONS improvised music duets [+ info]

~ other explorations

Regular collaborations with musicians such as Luís José Martins, Luís Vicente, Susana Santos Silva, João Mortágua, Yedo Gibson, Noel Taylor, Julius Gabriel, Jan Klare, Paulo Galvão, Maria do Mar, Mark Alban Lotz, Gil Gonçalves or Mikael Szafirowski.