Pedro Melo Alves drums, percussions and gongs

Improvised video sessions on some drums extended techniques and sounds.

About timbre, once in conversation with Afonso Pais (portuguese great guitar player), he told me timbre was the ultimate truth of a musician. Over the last few years, between the circuit of contemporary and experimental music, I’ve played with many special musicians who triggered in me a continuous effort to rethink the drumset. We’re condemned to be ourselves our whole life. I think I’ve only truly known in music the feeling of, for an instant, not being myself and “being” another with whom I’m playing, through sound, through timbre. It’s in these shared spaces between people that something luminous happens. It’s when you get to unknown territories, outside the walls of our small truths, and learn something new.
These video sessions are made of many of these encounters I’ve had so far, and just a checkpoint on an ongoing personal process. It’s about hating and loving, constructing and desconstructing your way to something.


O – Solo Drums and Electronics (2018)
“Resonant Mechanism for Hans Otto” (2020)