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contemporary / avant-garde music

“in igma”, a free variation of “ignis” – latin word for fire/light and a homophone reference to “enigma”.

The in igma ensemble was commissioned to Pedro Melo Alves by Serralves “Jazz no Parque” 2019 festival, as an invitation to assemble a contemporary music ensemble and write its music. Joining some of the world most renowned figures on the contemporary and experimental music, in igma is a blend of textures that oppose the multilayered holophonic use of a high pitched choir with the visceral rawness of prepared string and percussion instruments. It’s highly cinematographic music that dwells between light and obscurity, concrete and abstract textures.

Aubrey Johnson vocals | Beatriz Nunes vocals | Mariana Dionísio vocals | Eve Risser piano | Mark Dresser doublebass | Abdul Moîmeme strings and objects | Pedro Melo Alves drums and percussion

“…one of the most worthwhile encounters that ‘Jazz no Parque’ has had to date. (…)
The Risser/Dresser/Melo Alves axis (with the leader always attentive and not at all imposing, Dresser’s double bass more assertive, and the sensitive pianist, trying to let the music follow its natural course) endowed the ensemble with a coloring out of the ordinary, supplemented by the very subtle, almost surgical, but no less organic, work of Moimême, while the voices contributed to the more erudite dimension of the ensemble’s sound.”

“…a suite of contemporary music has emerged, mostly written and based on the interweaving of three female voices,(…) they have kept in tension a dialogue made of subtleties, deviations, declamations, agglomerations… Beside them a trio of exceptional instrumentalists has given a further body to the structures: the leader, (…)who supported a more careful and interstitial conduct, Mark Dresser, who made a wide and masterful use of the bow, and the refinement of the classical pianist Eve Risser.”
– LIBER FARNÈ, All About Jazz

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