in igma

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contemporary / avant-garde music

“in igma”, a free variation of “ignis” – latin word for fire/light and a homophone reference to “enigma”.

The in igma ensemble was commissioned to Pedro Melo Alves by Serralves “Jazz no Parque” 2019 festival, as an invitation to assemble a contemporary music ensemble and write its music. Joining some of the world most renowned figures on the contemporary and experimental music, in igma is a blend of textures that oppose the multilayered holophonic use of a high pitched choir with the visceral rawness of prepared string and percussion instruments. It’s highly cinematographic music that dwells between light and obscurity, concrete and abstract textures.

Aubrey Johnson vocals | Beatriz Nunes vocals | Mariana Dionísio vocals | Eve Risser piano | Mark Dresser doublebass | Abdul Moîmeme strings and objects | Pedro Melo Alves drums and percussion

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