Bad Company w/ Pedro Carneiro

Pedro Carneiro marimba with quarter-tone extension
Pedro Melo Alves prepared drums

This is an unprecedented meeting of two different generations of contemporary national music, which appeared in 2021. It is based on an unlikely instrument setting of marimba and percussion and composed by Pedro Carneiro (b. 1975) – well known internationally for his career as a soloist percussionist, composer and conductor – in the marimba with extension in quarter tones and by Pedro Melo Alves (b. 1991) – composer and emerging drummer of the new generation known for his solo work, with Omniae Ensemble, In Igma or The Rite of Trio – in a set of prepared drums and percussion, featuring the artistic paths of both at the crossroads between contemporary classical music, jazz and improvised music.

“…I RECOMMEND THE ALBUM WHOLE-HEARTEDLY to anyone with interest in MODERN MUSIC AND IMPROVISATION. (…) The combination of both instruments is EXCEPTIONAL (…) The album is unusual, partly because of the unique line-up but definitely also because of the quality of the music. A TRUE EAR-OPENER.”
Stef Gijssels, Free Jazz Blog

“There is SOMETHING BOTH ANCIENT AND YET CONTEMPORARY about Bad Company by Pedro Carneiro and Pedro Melo Alves. (…) SOME THINGS JUST WORK.”
Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

“Together, they engendered an opus which has EVERYTHING OF THE BEST PERCUSSION MUSIC OF THESE PRESENT DAYS. This time, made totally in the moment, spontaneously and intuitively, even when it doesn’t seem so. A VERY WELCOMED GEM.”
Rui Eduardo Paes,