The Rite of Trio

André B. Silva guitar
Filipe Louro doublebass
Pedro Melo Alves drums

The Rite of Trio is a Jazz Jambacore trio that got together to change the spherical configuration of Planet Earth.

“A eulogy of madness, that The Rite Of Trio tries to decline and transcribe into music. This album gives the feeling of entering inside the head of a madman; caught between crises, lulls, moments of lucidity and anger. One can only be blown away by so much audacity and inventiveness on the part of this trio of oddballs, who here are as one. […] These three make old-fashioned music from the depths, unspeakable and unclassifiable, harsh and rough, grandiloquent and sour, made of repetitions.”
– JULIEN AUNOS, Citizen Jazz

“The music they make comes from jazz, contemporary music, metal, punk and some other front lines within the countercultural forms of expression. (…) But the music is tough, challenging, exciting, aggressive, beautiful and interesting, and I think being at a concert with these three, extremely talented and exciting musicians, can be an uninhibited experience.”
– JAN GRANLIE, Salt Peanuts

“The Cheltenham experience usually involves being blown away by an unknown ‘discovery’ before seeing the predictable ‘greats’ and this was provided by Portuguese threesome The Rite of Trio. (…) their Free Development of Delirium was an elaborate composition of tightly written segments with shifting tempos (despite a metronome) and psychodramatic theatricality