Omniae Ensemble

~ avant-gard jazz

Mariana Dionísio voice
José Soares saxophone
Xavi Sousa trombone
Mané Fernandes guitar
José Diogo Martins piano
Filipe Louro doublebass
Pedro Melo Alves drums and composition

My ensemble for composed and improvised music.

“Omniae is the space of the whole.
Shapeless whole, where the absence of lines is not able to contain any possibility.
Beyond space and time, where the little norms of meaning fade away.
Omniae Ensemble may be a glimpse of the whole.

It’s the creative exploration space of Pedro Melo Alves, where his visions of evasion and transcendence – echoes of a tempting impossibility – are put on paper to challenge. You hear intricate landscapes, with the extended sounds of contemporary music blended with the flow of improvised music. You hear a collective of people that embrace on stage the sight of the unknown. You hear the possibility.”

“Composition Award Bernardo Sassetti 2016” (Sons da Lusofonia)
“National Artist and Group of the Year, 2017” (

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