José Diogo Martins piano
Hugo Antunes doublebass
Pedro Melo Alves drums and electronics

Using electronics and live-time processing, symph fuse free improvisation and written structures in only one gesture of sound exploration – past and present, question and answer, attack and resonance.

“…an adventurous and intense set where supreme concentration, question and answer, climax and daring sudden silences and resonance are central. (…) The acoustic sound of the instruments is alienated by the electronic elements in a refined way. (…) the rhythms are intriguing and the versatility of the three continues to fascinate. What a focus. We are completely dragged into the 45 minutes that the gentlemen play without a break. It seems as if I hold my breath from start to finish.”

Some parts seemed to be written, but was it an illusion? Elvin Jones-style drumming changed the mood; Martins sounded like Bill Evans playing Ligeti, then this side of funk, experimenting with the almost-familiar. Antunes’ electric bass was growly and unforgiving, as the others built tense patterns – completely absorbing.