in igma

Aubrey Johnson vocals
Beatriz Nunes vocals
Mariana Dionísio vocals
Eve Risser piano
Mark Dresser doublebass 
Abdul Moîmeme electric guitar and objects
Pedro Melo Alves drums and percussion

“in igma”, a free variation of “ignis” – latin word for fire/light and a homophone reference to “enigma”.

The in igma ensemble was commissioned to Pedro Melo Alves by Serralves “Jazz no Parque” 2019 festival, as an invitation to assemble a contemporary music ensemble and write its music. Joining some of the world most renowned figures on the contemporary and experimental music, in igma is a blend of textures that oppose the multilayered holophonic use of a high pitched choir with the visceral rawness of prepared string and percussion instruments. It’s highly cinematographic music that dwells between light and obscurity, concrete and abstract textures.

***** ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2020 *****
on the lists of
All About Jazz (Troy Dostert)
Free Jazz Blog (Stuart Broomer and Troy Dostert) (António Branco, Gonçalo Falcão, José Dias, Nuno Catarino, Rui Eduardo Paes)

“(…) In Igma, as mysterious as the conjunction of its title and spelling, arises where borders between the composed and improvised seem never to have been drawn (…) Singers and instrumentalists alike operate at a special level of musicianship and invention (…) an evolving, compounding dream state, an abstracted musical narrative (…)
– STUART BROOMER, Free Jazz Blog, 2020

“(…) a magnificent album (…) echoes of sacred music, lyrical singing and various experiments along the way, transmuting into a ritualistic body, not religious, but a pagan rumination of elements connected to what is more foundational”
GONÇALO FROTA, Público, 2020

“Pedro Melo Alves reaffirms here the powerful impression left before in “Omniae”, showing that he really is a composer of refined ideas. ”
– FABRÍCIO VIEIRA, Free Form Free Jazz, 2020

“(…) Another clear triumph for Pedro Melo Alves. ”
– RUI MIGUEL ABREU, Notas Azuis, 2020

“…a suite of contemporary music has emerged.”
– LIBER FARNÈ, All About Jazz, 2019

“(…) layers of abstraction and emotional complexities that defy easy description, the music casts a transfixing spell from beginning to end. (…) Together, they craft a sound-world that is somehow both cohesive and expansive, with a pervasive mood of mystery that exerts an irresistible pull. (…) It is a demanding and bracing listening experience, yet not without episodic transcendence and beauty.”
– TROY DOSTERT, All About Jazz, 2020

“(…) an exciting journey into the undiscovered (…) extremely exciting, “new” music, which makes you think about the fragile world we live in today”
JAN GRANLIE, Salt Peanuts, 2020

With an abstract and transcendental genesis, In Igma is a work in which elements of classical, contemporary and experimental music converge, as beautiful as intriguing, at the interface between a purifying catharsis and a terrifying neurosis. (…) Not being an easy album, In Igma brings together several components that make it a transcendental experience: (…) all elements that make this record a brilliant work.”
– JOÃO MORADO, Beats for Peeps, 2020

“…one of the most worthwhile encounters that ‘Jazz no Parque’ has had to date. (…)”