Branco / Melo Alves

~ improvised / free music

Pedro Branco guitar
Pedro Melo Alves drums and percussion

Pedro Branco, one of the top names of the new generation of musicians, joined up with Pedro Melo Alves by his invitation, as the first guest of the Conundrum Sessions music cycle. The duo debuted in December 2018 and established a wild, unpredictable music force that knows no aesthetic or energy limits.

“…the dynamic twists of their interplay and the asymmetry of the narrative parabolas, up to the sudden closures, were based on their deafening sound surprises. Responsible for the surprises was, above all, the guitarist’s electronics, while the percussionist’s skins and metallophones impersonated a heavier and more ancestral soul. The path has therefore revealed a grain of a new and “captivating” naturalness, almost imbued with an unusual exploratory candor, configuring a typical example of the extreme improvisation of our days.”